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and gambling. >>> police in santa rosa and roner park are comparing notes after back to back robberies. as you can see in these surveillance photos the suspect appears to be the same individual. he is described as latino with a goatee and a stocky build. he also match it is transcription from a robbery at a chase bank in santa rosa two weeks ago. >>> in danville today, police arrested a man in suspicion of burglarizing a home in his own neighborhood. he faces several charges. one neighbor said one home was burglarized more than once. the suspect is being held tonight at the martinez detention facility. >>> on this valentine's day we found evidence that romance can be good for business and in some cases very good for business. amber lee is live now in walnut creek where she went looking for couples out celebrating tonight. amber. >> reporter: julie we're at 1515 restaurant and lounge. this special valentine menu will be served through the weekend and this restaurant will be staying open later tonight. the kitchen staff is cooking up meals at $65 a person. reservations sold out last week. the m
for the entire year. santa rosa is at 100% now and falling, san francisco at 91%, 88% in san jose, those numbers are amazing considering how little rain we got the last two months. december was off the hook. we got a ton of rain and that's keeping us in the game. there's some rain out there the middle and end of next week. we'll see how that goes. these are current temperatures. forecast lows will be in the mid-and upper 30s, so pretty chilly out there now, plenty of frost tomorrow morning when you wake up, santa rosa 33, 35 at napa, doesn't have to be freezing to get frost. ever notice how it freezes on that front windshield because the inside of the car gets colder than the ground. so certain surfaces like windshields and cars get frost more easily, but you don't need freezing temperatures. sunny and mild tomorrow, extended forecast calling for warmer temperature. the high pressure sets up a warming trend and northerly breeze, stays with us not just tomorrow but through friday and then it breaks down. s that starts to break down -- as that starts to break down we got a shot of something coming
dry and warm up. not tonight know, it's going to be chilly overnight. napa is 41. 43 in santa rosa. your overnight low forecast, a lot like last night, look for patchy frost in the morning. and coastal fog has been patchy as well. as you go into tuesday morning, here's the numbers you can expect. 33 in santa rosa. 40 in vallejo. 46 in pacifica. a lot of these numbers will get you a little bit of frost on the lawn, wind shield as well. when i come back we need rain. we will also do your forecast highs. it's going to warm up to near 70 this week. >>> the tunnel project on double slide is set to open soon. the twin mile long tunnels are undergoing final safety tests this week. the tunnels will replace a section of highway 1 near pacifica, known for land slides. the $439 million project will connect two bridges, 125 feet high, and 1,000 feet long. >>> they ask for money and hope for your generosity. coming up in 10 minutes, our ktvu special report. we investigate people collecting donations. is it really going to charity? >> 11 members, but not a single mother. the new push >>> firefig
's not even mild it's cool. 48 in santa rosa. that's that cool air that settled in here. the weather system that's moving down the coast. you can see it working it's way down here is clearing the area. tomorrow morning when you wake up, it's chilly out there. frost on the ground. we have snow reports up in the foothills right now down to about 1800 feet. low snow levels but that will start to clear up and dry out as well. tonight look for some patchy valley fog. look for a lingering shower in the south bay. as we get down the road, another slight chance for some sprinkles. we'll talk about that. we'll run the computer model all the way through the weekend we'll see you back here. >>> a special lesson for a berkeley elementary school as they were invited to the state building to learn about the year of the snake. the students were treated to the lion dancing and entertainment. dilution and deception is come -- is dominant in the year of the snake and it's important to save money. >>> apple reveals it's been the target of hackers. plus a bay area city takes on >>> the san mateo corners offic
are on the warm side. 68 in santa rosa. these were the numbers from today. 69 in redwood city. high temperatures on your friday almost a carbon copy of these. might be a little warmer in some places. you might even see a 79-degree reading. specific forecast high for your neighborhood. then we go into the weekend and find your warmest day out of saturday or sunday. >>> dozens of people showed up for a concert in honor of giants fan bryan stow. the paramedic and father of two suffered serious head injury during an attack outside dodger stadium in march 2011. >>> how much will you spend on your sweetheart this valentine's day. what people are planning to spend according to one new survey and why that has [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this we
warmer out there. we had some numbers 64 in santa rosa that was one of the warmer spots. napa 65. 66 in antioch. temperatures today came up a couple of degrees. a little cooler out along the coast. tomorrow we're going to drop a few degrees. temperatures come down into the upper 50s, maybe low six -- 60s. you can see some rain coming down in the sutter buttes then you see the clouds coming through. the big impact for us clouds. cooler tomorrow. this is cold air, this cold front and as the cold air comes in behind it. i think you are going to do well in the mountains in the next 24 hours i think you will get a few inches of snow. fresh snow that will be nice. any precipitation helps. as far as rain for us not happening. if we do see something it'll be in the next few hours and it'll be drizzle at best. by the time you and i wake up in the morning it's starting to clear rapidly. it'll be breezy tomorrow. temperatures will be a little cooler as i mentioned and they'll be clearing rapidly. mostly sunny on your sunday. your bay area weekend is staring you in the face. sunday is your best
, north of santa rosa. take a peek. coming in a little closer. you see it showing up around point ray. it's light stuff. right now, i'm not getting any reports of anything hitting the ground. we may see a few sprinkles toward santa rosa. this system is a brief one. it blows through. once it's out of here, temperatures warm up. highs tomorrow are going to be a couple of degrees warmer than what we saw there. tonight then, clouds, maybe a sprinkle out there. tomorrow, clears rapidly. it's going to be warmer when you wake up, and it's going to end up warmer in the afternoon. the way it breaks down, the next couple of days, mostly sunny and warm. as we get into the weekend, this low kind of, this one is low on the weekend, budges up against the coast, may impact a few high clouds, and a little bit cooler. but it sort of creeks the door open, so we could see a few sprinkles, as we go into the middle of next week. forecast highs, 70 in napa. pretty warm. probably a degree or two warmer than it was today. it's going to continue to warm as we head into your bay area friday. 69 tomorrow in walnut
costs. >>> 64 santa rosa as we head into your friday. warmer still we're going to see mid- and low 60s tomorrow. most cities. it'll be kind of cool right along the coast. but a warmer day for your friday. as we head into the next 24 hours a few clouds coming in, this is occurring imagery. a few clouds coming in over head. as we get into saturday and sunday there's a few chances for sprinkles. overnight tonight it's going to be chilly. it is cold out there right now. 42 in novato. freezing and just above freezing so there's frost when you get going for your friday morning. kids need a jacket. when they get home they're not going to need jackets it's going to be in the mid-60s. i have your five day forecast teed up and ready to go. >>> the sobasta pool city council has agreed to ban their smart meters. pg & e says it will not comply with sobastapool ban and continue to install smart meters. however, homeowners have the opportunity to opt out of the program. >>> we'll go undercover and see how easy it is to buy >>> a violent sexual offender from texas made his first court appearance in a
. 58 in fairfield, 59 in santa rosa. not chilly but any means but certainly on the mild side but cooler than today. and the five day forecast it did not feel like february and it did not feel like january. >> no there's not. >> there's nothing really there. doesn't mean nothing is going to happen but something has to start clicking. >> we will probably get it all in march and april. >> right. >> thank you, bill. >>> 100 years ago today civil rights activists rosa parks was born. parks is known for refusing to give up her seat for a white man in a montgomery alabama bus in 1955. her arrest prompted a young local minister named martin luther king jr. to lead a boycott of the transportation system. parks died in 2005. >>> an asteroid on a path that will take it [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here'
up up here around the napa area and santa rosa. 8:00a.m., off san francisco, here you can see some activity. that's pretty moderate rain. that's the mortgage commute too. a central part of the bay is definitely getting wet. by 10:00 a.m., the showers move to the south bay. tracking this, it's right on the morning commute. it is not a huge storm, rainfall accumulations a quarter of an inch if we're lucky. when i come back, the latest computer, there's more rain. i'm going to run this through friday, saturday, and sunday as well. >> bell will be back at 10:20 with his complete outlook for how tomorrow's rain is going to play out. at 10:45, your extended forecast, including the weekend ahead. >>> we have new information tonight about the cold case disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. for the first time, san francisco police are publicly acknowledging a suspect, or to use their term, a person of interest. the man, now deceased had many aliases and a criminal record. >> reporter: 10-year-old kevin collins remains frozen in time. he disappeared while waiting for a bus after school
tonight. current temperature in santa rosa is 46. 43 in napa. 47 in concourt. numbers are going to drop down into the low 30s. even upper 20s in some north bay valleys. napa 29 degrees for an overnight low. frosts on the windchills, if you've been having much frost and a chilly start to your day. when i come back, the five-day forecast, we're going to go looking for rain. there is a little bit of unsettled weather in the five day. we'll take a look at your weekend as well. see you back here. >>> three northern california cities have received letters to see if they're interested in bidding the 2024 olympic games. san francisco was one of the cities contacted by the olympic committee. today, san jose's mayor said san jose just doesn't have the billions of dollars needed to pay for sports facilities, or an olympic village. is a spokeswoman for mayor ed lee's office in san francisco said right now, the city is focused on the america's cup, and a super bowl bid. >>> $33 million. handing out some big prizes. and you won't want to miss tonight's special report. in 8 minutes, ktvu investigates,
yesterday. these new overnight low forecast. 35 in vallejo, 46 in santa rosa. by lunch their ticket if back and -- warmer that's the headline as we go into thursday morning. temperatures could reach into the upper 60s. it's going to be a hedge of a nice day. there were changes on the horizon. latest computer moles -rs have a chance as we go into thursday and friday as well 679 that's auld kind o of digit tp-rd that -t that's not what i'm talking about dry, dry, drive, 64 in gal roy. next week should look tkpweufrpbd. a couple of model shops have been consistent on bridging the new air in. that's a big change because about three days ago there was nothing else past five or eight days. >> we're watching it because the new year's day parade shows rain. >> we have rain for that day. >> thanks bill. >>> the legal battle over the sharp park golf course is not over yet. the park is owned by san francisco and located in pacifica. a group of environmental the suit. they lost. environmentalists look for more than half a million dollars. >> plus fat >>> ♪ >> a mardi gras party started sever
today. we had 69 in napa, 68 in santa rosa. not as warm tomorrow. we're looking for more high clouds to filter in. these high clouds will cover the sun a little bit. there's a little bit of fog showing up at the coast. we had fog moving up from santa cruz. that's going to trend your temperature down. your saturday forecast still nice. not as warm as today. we have your temperature forecast in your neighborhood. the cities that will be the warmest and which day of the weekend will be the warmest we'll see you back here. >>> some people watch the super bowl just for the ads. coming up at 10:30, a sneak peak at some of those very expensive ads and why a lot of companies are rolling them out online first. >> it hasn't happened since 2007, the dow topped 14,000. what it might mean for the average american and the reasons behind it. >> and a reminder you >>> u.s. stock markets rallied higher today with the dow industrials closing above the 14,000 mark for the first time in five years. the dow gained 149 points nasdaq was up 36. a positive jobs report helped pushed the markets higher. but
rosa still above average at 23%. san francisco at 13 and san jose at two. so it hasn't rained we need rain because those numbers are going to start to go quickly if we don't get showers. here's the system i'm tracking it's not going to do a lot for the rain buckets so that's why i brought up the rain numbers. lower snow levels but limited rainfall. these are the current temperatures outside. it's going to be chilly tonight enough chill in the air to get fog to form in the inland bay valleys. we already talked about this. so look for fog tomorrow morning. look for fog in the central valley and some in the bay. we get into this deal on thursday. the system rolls in here 9:00, 10:00 in the morning and start some showers going. i think that morning commute on thursday will be a bit wet but not, look .05 of an inch. and .25 that's in genre -- jenner. computer model wednesday morning. there's the fog, there's wednesday afternoon a few clouds. here comes thursday. okay thursday morning right north bay a little bit wet. it's going to slide through over the bay area. there it is. you know, 9:
the annual rainfall totals and compared them to a typical year. santa rosa is closest to its average at 93%. san francisco is at 85%. oakland airport 83%, and san jose is at 80% of normal. >>> now to chief meteorologist bill martin he's tracking the rain and wind arriving in the bay area, bill. >> reporter: i had a few reports of sprinkles out at san francisco's ocean beach and then pacifica. light showers that's nothing. that's just the atmosphere getting primed up. you can see a few showers moving you have to modesto. a little bit of clearing here but check out the computer model for tomorrow morning's commute. here we are tonight. a few clouds move in. by 5:00 a.m. look what's going on in this area, you have a few showers showing up along the great highway. in oakland, check out 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m., the showers starting to work their way south. that's the morning commute. a little late on the morning commute but we have rain in the north bay. at 10:00 it's draped across the bay area. it is going to be a wet commute. it has not rained in a while. the roads will be slippery. when we com
temperatures bare that out today. maybe a little cooler but still 70s. 41 in napa right now, 42 in santa rosa right now. tomorrow morning they'll look like these. like they did this morning. that means some frost certainly in the middle of the inland valleys. a day tomorrow a lot like today. not a lot of big changes for your tomorrow. so the forecast is for more of the same. temperatures tomorrow about the same. maybe slightly cooler. then i guess the weather story is it's not raining. second weather story is temperatures are going to trend up as we go into thursday and friday. we had almost mid-70s. 73 today in a couple of places. thursday and friday we could see actual mid-70s. this high pressure continues to let the air sink. it continues moving to the north. and as it does it sinks. we have not had a lot of rain. rainfall percents of average as i mentioned in the 5:00 and 6:00 are in the 75, 85% range. but they are falling rapidly without rainfall. so we don't have any rainfall. it won't be any rainfall in this five day. and there won't be any rainfall in the next five day. of course that
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